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Model HT™ (Helical Static Mixer)

The HT™ Helical static mixer structure pioneered the inline motionless mixing industry over 55 years ago. It is a cost effective static mixer design with moderate mixing performance capabilities. It is most suitable for use in small diameter turbulent flow and laminar flow applications where the mixing task is simple and where it’s characteristic features of low pressure drop and open geometric structure are best for the specific application. For difficult applications, the high performance GX™ static mixer is recommended in laminar flow applications and the high performance GV™ static mixer is recommended for turbulent flow applications.

The Model HT™ Helical static mixer is available in metal and plastic construction in a wide variety of configurations and sizes.

Figure #1: Homogeneity achieved with HT helical static mixing elements
Figure #1: Homogeneity achieved with HT™ Helical static mixing element assembly.

Metal Helical Static Mixers

Figure #2: Helical Static Mixer
Helical Static Mixing Elements only (metal)
Helical mixing element assemblies in metal construction are available in 316L S/S to fit virtually any pipe size. Standard sizes are made to fit Sch. 40 pipe, however mixing elements can be made to fit most pipe diameters. Sizes range from 0.25" – 12" diameter.
Figure #3: Metal Helical Static-Mixer with Threaded Ends
Threaded Pipe Ends Helical Static Mixer (metal)
Helical static mixing units with threaded pipe end connections are available in 1/8" – 2" diameter Sch. 40 pipe sizes. Non-Standard pipe and tubing sizes are available upon request.
Figure #4: Metal Helical with Flanged Ends
Flanged Pipe Ends Helical Static Mixer (metal)
Helical static mixing units in flanged housings are available in 1/8" – 12" diameter Sch. 40 pipe sizes. Non-Standard pipe and tubing sizes are available upon request.
Figure #5: Sanitary Helical Static-Mixer
Sanitary Helical Static Mixer (metal)
Sanitary design helical static mixing units are available in 1" – 3-1/2" tubing sizes. They are of sanitary design with tri-clamp flanges suitable for use in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, beverage and other industries.
Figure #6: Edge Seal Brazed Helical Static-Mixer
Edge-Seal Brazed Helical Static Mixer (metal)
The helical static mixing elements are edge-seal brazed to the tubing ID. This allows for very high pressure drops to be taken across the static mixing elements and for enhanced heat transfer in static mixer heat exchanger applications.

Plastic Helical Static Mixers

Figure #7: Plastic Helical Static-Mixer
Helical Mixing Elements only (plastic)
Helical Mixing element assemblies in plastic construction are available in Polypropylene, Acetal, Kynar and PTFE Teflon. Depending on material of construction, sizes range from 3/32" to 2-1/2" diameter.
Figure #8: Plastic Helical Elements in Metal Pipe
Threaded Metal Pipe Ends with Plastic Helical Static Mixing Elements
Plastic helical static mixing units mounted in Sch. 40 metal pipe with threaded ends are available in 1/8" - 2" diameter sizes for use when operating pressures are very high.
Figure #9: Kynar & Teflon Plastic Helical Static-Mixer
PTFE Teflon® Helical Static Mixers
Plastic helical static mixing elements in PTFE Teflon®, Polypropylene, PVC and most corrosion resistant materials are available in sizes ranges of 1.7 mm (0.067”) – 12” diameter. Housings include plastic piping with threaded or flanges ends and plastic lined metal pipe.

History of the HT™ Helical Static Mixing Structure

The HT™ Helical static mixer structure was invented by Arthur D. Little Company of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA in the late 1960’s and licensed the technology to Kenics Corporation of Andover, Massachusetts, USA who trademarked the design as the Kenics* static mixer. Kenics did a tremendous amount of fundamental high quality R&D work on the helical static mixer structure and commercialized the design in hundreds-of-thousands of installations where the mixing requirements were of easy to mid-range difficulty.
* StaMixCo is not a distributor of or affiliated with Kenics Corporation. Kenics static mixer is a brand and trademark of Kenics Corporation.

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